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Merlin, the magician of King Arthur legend. (In other words, the King Arthur legend is born.) Portrayal of the character's first known as the Geoffrey Monmouthlu
Of the mixture of historical and legendary figures on the basis of his Historia regular Britannia ("History of British Kings") has emerged in his work. Geoffrey, King Arthur is not affiliated with any Wyllt Myrddin (Merlinus Caledonensis) existing stories about a madman's, Romano-British man of war stories Ambrosius Aurelianus'un created by combining a figure he called Merlin Ambrosius.


mythical characters


At night, the dreams of women entering, the men raped them, the devil-terrors as a child is born of a woman with a non-magician. Youth from the büyücülükte ustalaşır years, magic and intrigue to the realization of the birth of Arthur and Arthur's chief adviser and continues to intrigue as a magician. But the Lady of the lake, when in love Nimue'ye own downfall.

Nimue'nin a picture:


After the death of his father on the throne five years go by and people on welfare for two years to bring in their heroic protect his country. Mordred fighting with his cousin after a fatal wound alır.Daha düşünülünür taken to his mythical city of Avalon. However, the information available through later on.


Undisputed King Arthur's wife. Camelot'un will be the queen of a noble family's daughter. One knight Lancelot du Lac betrayal of love relationship with his getaway.


Morgan Le Fay is a very powerful female magician. According to some legends, this woman is the biggest enemy of Arthur's half-brother.

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